Stand or Sit

This assignment will account for 20% of your final grade. Hand-in will be due at the start of class 5

Character standing up/Sitting down.  (Assignment 2)
Modules 2-5. Stand Up/Sit Down. Animate a character standing up or sitting down. You will have three weeks to animate a full body character standing up from a sit down position, or animate a character sitting down from a stand up position. This week, research the type of character you would like to animate sitting down/standing up; this will guide you on the type of personality and timing. This will be due in module 5. (4-6 sec. long.)

Set-up the camera so that we're able to see the full body. I want to force you all to understand how the full body works, what's moving, leading, weight shifts. etc..

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  1. Weight and physicality. 
  2. Posing and design.
  3. Story and character.
  4. Presentation for each progression.

Examples of different type of character sitting or standing. Research and explore.


  1. Hello folks,

    If anyone is looking for Normans they are not with the school's assets anymore. If you would like to use Norman I will be in the labs all day at ILM 92. Come see me and I can provide a Norman for you. I have decided to back step and use a limited rig then Malcolm for these assignments due to falling into wanting to pose out Malcolm more and more. So if anyone else would like to do the same let me know, I have a Norman Rig I can give.

  2. Hello my friends, I would like some feed back on my work in progress shot of Norman_Standing_Up I have two sync sketches. One with arms and one with out arms. Arms are still being worked on, but having a few hiccups with the ik_2_fk moments. And still need to de-amp the intensity of their rotations. But here is where I stand currently.

    With No Arms:

    With Arms: