This assignment will account for 20% of your final grade. Hand-in will be due at the start of class 8

Character Jump (Assignment 3)
Modules 5-8. Begin Assignment 3: Character Jump. Animate a full body character jumping. The camera should be placed on side view and we should be able to see the full body jump. It can be a high, small or hop jump. Most important is to understand weight and physicality. This will be due in module 8. (4 sec. long.)

Set-up the camera to a side view, full body animation. A jump doesn't mean it has to be long or high jumps, it could be a hop, a small jump. The most important thing is to understand the physicality of a jump, what happens to your body before and after the jump.

What I'll be grading on this assignment:
  1. Weight and physicality.
  2. Character.
  3. Progression on shot. From blocking to polishing.
  4. Understanding of assignment.
  5. Reference.


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  2. A work in progress of my jump exercise.