Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Adam Ampa Besigye_Standing up.

Hi guys,

Hope your doing fine. This is my polish phase for my standing up animation that I forgot to bring into class last week. Any feedback, comments, suggestions are welcome. Thank you



  1. Hey Adam,

    Shot is looking better. I like that you're splaying the hands out to show weight.

    - The biggest note from me, would be the arch of the hips. If you just pay attention to the design of the arch, you'll notice that it's pretty straight forward for his action. The arch should be down and up.
    - Work on the fist more when he slams it. When his fist makes contact, his fingers should pop open a little, you want to feel that weight and compression.
    - Take out the blink in the end. It feel forceful.
    - Pay attention to the torso too. When he slams his hand down, the torso should curl back a little and come back to a rest. We want to feel that impact when he slams his hands that his torso shoots back a bit.

    Hope these notes are helpful. =)

  2. Hi Neth, Hope your fine. Thanks for the notes. I would appreciate if you can further explain the last note. I don't understand it clearly. Thank you.