Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jacob Moreno - Blocking+


  1. looks like a nice start. without knowing the context here I may be wrong in some of my opinions, but from what I see I assume he's opening the door to something he's scared of (a few scenes from jurassic park come to mind). I feel like you could push the contrast in speed of him opening the door and the fall back over the chair. the fall over the chair is looking pretty good, but for some reason the position he stands back up to seems a little out of place to me. I feel as though if he was trying to hide from view of something he wouldn't be standing halfway up through the window. maybe instead of him getting back up, you could have him scurry to the wall while still on the ground so he's peeking up to the window and slowly inching away.

  2. Hey Jacob,
    Maybe I'm wrong but even though it's clear that the guy is scared of something, there is one thing that I don't get. I can't be sure if he is expecting the scary person or not. If he is, like if he is hiding there, I believe he shouldn't be sleeping or sitting so relaxed. If he has no idea what's gonna happen, I feel like he should be more shocked and surprised. More panicky you know kneeling under the window and panting (not sure if it's the correct word for breathing with panic) anyways..Maybe I'm wrong I don't know, see what other people say :)