Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sum : Seek for Ideas!

Hey Guys! It's me Sum. I am showing here the front part of my animation which I am working on. I changed the girl acting in the beginning and I don't know if this is getting any better. 

I tone down the movement of the guy, and I add this hand little movement for the girl to show she is very excited. At the end I make her raise her both arm as Neth suggested. 

What I am now figuring is that should I remain the action of the girl pressing the guy's cap with her right hand and cause him loses his vision? Which is the reason why he struggle at the beginning and both of them started to lose balance? 

Or should I take this part out (her hand press on his cap), and show that he is struggling because of her big movement and then they off balance? Or I should just remain both? Any suggestions?

Thanks and looking forward for everyone's reply! :) Have a nice weekend though~


  1. In my opinion, having the girl press down on the guy's cap is a subtle action that reveals her personality in an appealing manner (i.e. her attention is focused intently and exclusively on the stage). I would keep it. This action would also help with the part where the couple lose their balance because the guy would have to remove his hands from the girl's legs in order to adjust his cap causing her to fall backwards. By the way, I love the contrast in the character's movements. It works very well in showing the differing personalities of the characters. Good job. My only suggestion would be to really emphasize the moment when the girl blinds the guy. Right now, it is hard to read because her other arm shoots out which makes my eye follow that instead of what's really important: the hand pressing down on the cap. I would play around with that pose. For example, maybe have both hands press down (that would be the easiest way of doing it but maybe not the right way, I would experiment with it). Once again, nice improvement from last time!

  2. Thank you Jacob! :D I will try and explore more~~~~~