Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jacob Moreno: Sit to Stand -- Third Pass


  1. Heyo Jacob!

    Your timing is working superbly in this pass. As I said when you showed me an earlier version of this, you should look into adding a rocking motion (back and forward) right before he gets out of the chair as well as straightening him up after he's moved the center of his gravity over his feet. This will help sell the weight of the action and complement the physicality you captured earlier in the shot.

    Also, The finger tapping seems a little cliche. I thought the pose already sold the idea in a very natural way. He's obviously focusing all his thoughts on the problem, so his mind doesn't have time to send a signal for his finger to move ;)

    Overall I think this is looking very strong, and I can see the time you put into polishing it.

    ~Richard Warner

  2. Thanks for your critique, I will look into doing what you have mentioned.