Friday, February 6, 2015

Diego Uscátegui Character_Standing up Version 01

Here is a Playblast video with my first attempt for this assignment.

Also the sequence of pictures showing the Key Poses.

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  1. Neat stuff! I like the idea. Initially I wasn't sure what the white dots were, they're supposed to represent a fly or a bee right? It would make more sense if you put an actual bug in there rather than the dots. I like the idea of a bee, bright yellow, shows up on screen. Could see things even easier if you zoom that camera in a bit - the character is really small in screen.

    Something more like this -

    Having a bee in there might change your acting a bit, though. I think it would be funny if he wakes up, realizes its a bee, and freaks out - standing up, swatting at the bee, maybe falling That might be too much though. We'll see what Neth has to say.

    Nice stuff :)