Friday, February 6, 2015


Hey everyone, I've reached a bump in my camera angles and would love some feedback-- here are two version. Without telling you which one I favor, please let me know what you think. [Sidenote: the cube is character II -- small child, and there is sound].




  1. I'm inclined to say camera 2 simply because of the staging - he is directing his lines at the child where in camera 1 he backs right into the kid with his chair. I suppose it would depend on your intentions for this scene. Perhaps it could be a fun little character moment or secondary action when Malcolm backs up in the chair - the child could grab hold of it reactionary, move it to the side as he/she approaches Malcolm interested in what he is saying.

  2. Thanks for responding Kyle. I agree, I like camera 2, the general situation is that the child took one of his puppets to play with and he takes it back from her while explaining why she shouldn't be moving them outside of their own world... "circle"... He's a nutty animator who is very into the fantasy world he built. At this point my biggest worry is that I shouldn't have camera changes [ since our task is to demonstrate the mechanics of a stand or sit]