Friday, February 6, 2015

Greg P - Sit Stand Blocking

Hey guys! I've been working on my Sit-Stand blocking... Anyone have any notes? I'm thinking it maybe too fast and in need of some slower moments/holds. This does count as a sit and stand right?


  1. Hey Greg,

    Yeah, this is too complicated. Keep it super simple. Have her sitting down, and literally standing up, thats it. But, add a little bit of character of who she is when she's standing.

  2. Simplify the idea for sure. You have a lot going on, I don't know what is happening or how she feels. You can say a lot about a character with fewer yet purposeful poses. I would start with three very specific keys, how she is sitting, how she is standing, and how she gets up in between (it could be how she leans forward really lazily showing that she doesn't want to stand up but has to, or maybe she leads with her head in curiosity?). You can worry about all that inbetweening, eases and timing after you've got a clear idea.