Friday, February 13, 2015


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  1. Hello Ashley,

    Nice, a much simpler/clearer idea than your previous. As a blocking pass, there is a lot of information in there you can simplify. The hand on screen left seems to have a mind of its own. Can get in there and delete a lot of keys to make everything a bit cleaner throughout.

    Timing-wise, it feels nice up until he stands up. Currently I feel like his root goes from sitting position to full upright standing in 8 frames or less which is pretty fast. I would start by just getting the timing of that root movement in T-Y (up down) first. Once that feels right, you can go into the T-Z (or forward/backward) to give him balance. All this movement takes more time due to the weight of his entire body, root upwards. That chest will overlap R-X and arrive after the root, the neck and head after the chest - offsetting all this will soften the movement and make it feel more organic.

    A wonderful piece of advice I once got was to track your root, chest, neck, and head. If any one of those masses starts or stops and the same time, you gotta go in there and offset things slightly, play with the timing (even if it means just grabbing those keys and moving them two or three frames to the right). Everything is connected but not the same.

    I tend to go on and on and on...hope this helps!